Enabling clients to live in their preferred environment without compromising aesthetics or comfort.

We endeavour to reconnect and engage clients with the natural environment by guiding them through the opportunities that technological improvements now offer those wishing to live a more environmentally sensitive lifestyle. Geothermal engineering, solar arrays, sun-rooms, green roofs, passive cooling through convection and/or water features, vegetation integrated within interior spaces, selective planting of trees as well as roof design for solar control – a complete range of systems to satisfy the chosen environment.

The development of satelite telecommunications systems allow internet access on any habitable site on the planet so being tied to land based systems is not always necessary.

One’s footprint need not be small in order to be environmentally sensitive – with carefully specified infrastructure, services and control systems there need be no restriction on the size of dwelling.

We are happy undertaking any size of project if of unique interest, from a $15K Hunting Cabin to a $25M new-build home.